Επίσκεψη στη Βόρεια Καρολίνα: Να τι λατρεύουν οι ντόπιοι

To help you explore North Carolina’s beaches, mountains and bluegrass-filled towns, we consulted a team of experts. See what celebrity chefs, adventurers and other unknown locals recommend.

Find lighthouses and pirate history on a beach hike

For a glimpse of North Carolina’s Outer Banks before seafood shacks and sprawling beachfront mansions dominated, take a one-mile hike through Ocracoke Island’s Springer’s Point Nature Preserve, a wilderness preserve next to the famous 75-foot-tall Ocracoke Light Station . “The peaceful, flat trail traverses 130 acres of preserved maritime forest,” says Harrison Marks, executive director of the Coast Land Trust, which oversees the park. “It ends at the resounding beach of Teach’s Hole, where the infamous pirate Blackbeard was killed in 1718.”

Stay in a rustic mountain retreat

Historic lodges are a great way to immerse yourself in the mountains of North Carolina. Carey Baldwin, owner of lodging consulting business InnTurners, recommends the Omni Grove Park Inn in her hometown of Asheville. “The 1913 hotel combines hospitality, history and Arts and Crafts architecture,” he says. In addition, the Sunset Terrace has an amazing view.

Other high-elevation retreats include Mount Mitchell Eco Resort, with cozy suites and decks filled with rocking chairs next to Pisgah National Forest. Constructed of local bluestone with wood accents, the renovated Skyline Lodge was designed by a protégé of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. A recent renovation brought a Rat Pack vibe—think patterned blankets on the beds and retro cocktails (Corpse Revivers, Manhattans) by the twin fireplaces in the vaulted lobby bar.

Try North Carolina’s famous barbecue

“The North Carolina barbecue I know and love is Eastern-style whole hog,” says Raleigh’s James Beard Award-winning chef Ashley Christensen. “Cooked low and slow over coals, chopped and finished with a slightly tangy cider vinegar.” Her favorite spots? Buxton Hall BBQ in Asheville, where he also recommends the “smoked fried catfish and clams barbecue with smoked tomatoes,” and Sam Jones’ BBQ in Winterville and Raleigh. “Sam is a third-generation pit master,” he says. “Try the amazing ribs or the silky green vegetables.”

Explore Cherokee culture

The Cherokee people lived in what is now western North Carolina for thousands of years before European colonization. Although most of the population was forcibly moved to Oklahoma in the 1830s via the Trail of Tears, the Eastern Band of Cherokees still live in Cherokee City (about 50 miles west of Asheville).

In the summer, the Oconaluftee Indian Village recreates a 1760s tribal community with interpreters in traditional dress, craft demonstrations, and reconstructed log and mud cabins. From May through August, the “Unto These Hills” outdoor pageant tells the story of the Cherokee. The Qualla Arts and Crafts Center sells handicrafts such as traditional baskets woven from honeysuckle vines or white oak strips.

Kayak (and camp) on a pristine river

The north-flowing New River is the oldest river in North America and the second oldest in the world. It runs for 320 miles from North Carolina to West Virginia, but the 26-mile stretch through NC’s New River State Park is among the most beautiful, says Kelly McCoy of RiverGirl Fishing Company. “The water is clear and shallow, so it’s perfect for families.” Rent a canoe or kayak from McCoy or Zaloo’s Canoes and consider an overnight stay as campsites are dotted along the river. McCoy recommends reserving the Prathers Creek site. “You have to paddle to get to it,” he says, “but that’s what makes it fun.”

Discover the rich history of bluegrass music

Η μουσική Bluegrass, με τα συναρπαστικά φωνητικά, το μπάντζο και την επιλογή κιθάρας, έχει μακρά κληρονομιά στους λόφους της Βόρειας Καρολίνας. Βουτήξτε στον ήχο του Νότου στο Earl Scruggs Center σε ένα ανακαινισμένο δικαστήριο της κομητείας του 1907 στο Shelby. Ο χώρος του μουσείου και των συναυλιών αποτίει φόρο τιμής στο αγόρι της γενέτειράς και τον θρυλικό παίκτη του μπάντζο, που πέθανε το 2012.

Θα βρείτε επίσης συναυλίες σε όλη την πολιτεία στα Blue Ridge Music Trails ή στη δωρεάν, καλοκαιρινή σειρά Shindig on the Green του Asheville. «Ποτέ δεν ξέρεις ποιον θα δεις, αλλά είναι πάντα ποιοτική παραδοσιακή μουσική ή χορός», λέει ο Brandon Johnson, διευθυντής προγράμματος για την περιοχή Εθνικής Κληρονομιάς Blue Ridge, έναν οργανισμό διατήρησης του πολιτισμού των Αππαλαχίων.

Παρακολουθήστε ένα δράμα για τη “Χαμένη αποικία” της Αμερικής

Το 1590, μια από τις πρώτες αγγλικές αποικίες στην Αμερική εξαφανίστηκε χωρίς ίχνος ανάμεσα στα δάση και τα παράκτια ύδατα του νησιού Roanoke. Κάθε καλοκαίρι από το 1937 (εκτός από διαλείμματα για τον Β Παγκόσμιο Πόλεμο και το COVID-19), το δράμα «The Lost Colony» χρησιμοποιεί διαλόγους, μουσική και μεγαλειώδη κοστούμια ελισαβετιανού στιλ για να εξερευνήσει τι μπορεί να είχε συμβεί. Όλα εκτυλίσσονται σε ένα υπαίθριο αμφιθέατρο στο Manteo, τη γοητευτική πρωτεύουσα του νησιού.

  • (Αυτό το νέο αρχαιολογικό εύρημα μπορεί να αποκαλύψει τη μοίρα της «Χαμένης Αποικίας».)

Απόλαυση στην κινητική λαϊκή τέχνη

In the last decades of his life, farm machinery repairman turned folk artist Vollis Simpson created dozens of turbines from old highway signs, bicycle wheels and scrap metal. Thirty of the kinetic wind-driven sculptures—some as tall as 40 feet—headline the two-acre Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson (about a 30-minute drive east of Raleigh).

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